Health, Safety, and Environmental Commitment at ARH Portable & Modular Buildings Ltd

Best Practice Construction Method

At ARH Portable & Modular Buildings Ltd, we pride ourselves on adhering to best practice construction methods. Our manufacturing operations are under constant scrutiny, ensuring waste reduction, energy conservation, and recycling at every possible juncture.

Sustainable Benefits

Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just about protecting the environment; it’s about delivering value to our customers.

By adopting eco-friendly practices, we offer:

Health and Safety Standards

Safety is paramount at ARH Portable & Modular Buildings Ltd. All our team members undergo comprehensive Health and Safety training programs, and each one carries the necessary Construction Skills Certification Scheme card. We ensure that every stage of our operations is subject to rigorous quality control.

Quality Control and Environmental Impact

Our 18,000 square foot facility is where all our building refurbishments take place. Each stage of the refurbishment process is meticulously controlled and monitored. This not only guarantees high levels of quality control but also minimises environmental impact.

Temporary Flu Vaccination Centre

20ft x 12ft modular cabin, a building that went to South London, to be used as a temporary flu vaccination centre. Internally fitted with non-slip vinyl and hygiene panels on walls with spacious windows for natural light. Externally clad in plastisol with all goosewing to match the existing buildings on site.

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